About the game

The course is set, the Caribbean awaits you!

The Golden Age has begun and promises fame and wealth to the most able seafarers.
Are you ready to colonize the Caribbean islands on behalf of your king and secure supremacy?

The Caribbean awaits!

Rewrite the history of six of the most powerful seafaring nations and hold your own in the contested Caribbean of the 18th century. Strengthen the foundation of your colony with cleverly chosen trade routes and dispatch your exploration ships to discover new cities in the hidden bays of unknown islands. Don't hesitate to conquer them and expand your nation's influence. After all, your adversaries do not stand idly by.

Scout out your foes in good time and keep your eyes on defenses on the military map. If it comes to war, seize control of poorly defended cities from enemy players and deal them a blow in the colonization of the Caribbean. But beware – if you forget your own defenses, your new home could soon belong to the enemy.

Command your fleet!

Ships are your most valuable asset for success in the Caribbean. Leave no opportunity unexploited to expand your fleet and equip your war and trade ships with new technologies. Will you succeed in placing the mighty admiral ships or even legendary ships under your command?

On your voyage, not only the captains of other nations lie in wait. Dreaded pirates also prowl the waters of the Caribbean and threaten your trade routes. Scupper them and earn the glory befitting the greatest admiral of the Caribbean!

Master trade!

Always keep an eye on new commodities and lucrative trade routes! An efficient stream of supplies will entice inhabitants from Europe to the Caribbean and lead your cities to grow.

While your inhabitants will initially require modest amounts of wood, wheat and fish, their demands will quickly increase. Coffee, medicine, pottery and elegant clothing should now also be provided. Glory and high prices will come with especially exclusive commodities. Don't miss out on any good business opportunities, for your adversaries will soon be eyeing your riches full of envy.

Hold high office!

Do you fancy steering the destiny of a city or even an entire nation? Then mobilize your friends and allies, and step forward for appointment to a public office.

As governor, you'll decide over the development, trade, and military targets of your city, and be able to achieve permanent advantages for all inhabitants. Or become governor-general and take over the helm of your entire nation. Decide over war and peace, and become the most powerful admiral of the Caribbean!